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First Congregational Church of Kensington

United Church of Christ

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February 14th is not only Valentine’s Day but Ash Wednesday this year!  I think that is really awesome as Valentine’s Day originated with Christian roots.  While we don’t do an Ash Wednesday service at Kensington Congregational Church, I hope you might include your relationship with God in your thoughts.  In fact, it might be a good day to consider your new beginning of the year with a new commitment to God.  It kicks off a Lenten season which originated with the Roman Catholic church as a time to focus and spend time learning about God and even more about yourself.

I wish I had a dime for every time someone says “I’m spiritual, but not religious” or “I worship God in nature, not in church.”  But God created the church for COMMUNITY.  There is great danger in making assumptions about who God is or what God wants you to know without community.  If you went to church as a kid or read the Bible by yourself, you are missing a great deal.  I grew up teaching Sunday school and really didn’t understand a fraction of what I taught and/or learned.  Jesus says, “Whenever two or more are gathered, I am there.”  Community is everything!

Furthermore, many call themselves MEMBERS of a church, but seldom, if ever, attend any more.  What does membership mean?  Most church by-laws, across denominations, state that being considered a member of a church (or any organization) requires a minimum of one of three things:

  Attendance  - not only for you to know what is going on but that your participation is vital to your church or organization.

 Sharing of talent – what organization do you know that doesn’t need your brain and/or brawn for the tasks of the community?

 A financial commitment – could you possibly pay your bills if your employer or household monies only had a dollar or two contributed to pay your minimum bills?  How would you dream dreams if you didn’t set aside monies for their expense?  

So it is that organizations, including churches, require MEMBERSHIP that helps to support the activities and ministries.  The churches pay dues EVERY year for its members.   So if your membership means anything to you, in whatever you are a member of, please consider whether this is a time to renew your commitment.  Not just because the church or organization needs you, but God is waiting for you to step up to receive the most out of your relationship together.  


Pastor Pam