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First Congregational Church of Kensington

United Church of Christ

108 Amesbury Road

 Kensington, NH 03833


Warm Greetings on this Autumn Day

 It’s kind of hard to get my head around writing an article for November-January when it’s gorgeous outside.  But the days pass quickly and by the time you read this it will be November.  A season of gratitude and gifts is now upon us.  What will you be grateful for in this season?  I am grateful that half of my days are spent caring for my four grandchildren.  I’m also very grateful to be of use to God and the Kensington Congregational Church family!

This church is a wonderful community of loving, kind members who do an amazing amount of work for this community in a number of ways.  I am so fortunate to call this my church home.

It is also the season of gifts.  I am grateful for the way church members use their many and various gifts to come together as a family with a focus.  One of the things that is happening now at the church is we are looking forward – in the short term – to take care of some of the needs of the church facility in the here and now.  But beyond that, the church feels a responsibility to make sure that the church will be functional and a great place to provide services and needs beyond our years here, that many generations will continue to call it home.  What gifts do you have to share where they are needed?  What lasting gifts are you giving in this season?  How many new shirts does one need?  How many more toys do our children need?  This fall has surely been a record one between earthquakes, hurricanes, and fires.  Could this be the year that you choose to give gifts to those less fortunate? My experience is that giving is SO MUCH MORE FUN than receiving!  I hope you will consider finding ways to give to others in need.  As I write this we are experiencing joy in having sent diapers and wipes to Puerto Rico and used clothing, medical equipment, and other materials to Zimbabwe.  They are on the way and we are already anticipating with joy the smiles that these gifts will give to many.

There is nothing more I can wish for you in this season of giving thanks and sharing our bounty, than hoping that you will discover how amazing it is to give from your heart, that others might know joy through your generosity!  


Pastor Pam