Bible Study

Adult Bible Study

The Present Word seeks to facilitate mastery of Bible content; understanding of the Bible in relation to life experiences and a greater awareness of God’s self-disclosure, especially God’s redeeming love as revealed in Jesus Christ.

Participants are invited to reflect on how they might live in faith and love. The Present Word nurtures individual growth of the participants as children of God rooted in the Christian community, life in the Spirit and Christian hope. Discussion and activities encourage participants to live out their faith in their individual and congregational activities.

Bible Study sessions are held on Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. after worship service and run for approximately 30 to 45 minutes. Should there be a scheduled meeting following worship service, Bible Study will resume the following Sunday.

Each participant will be responsible for the cost of his/her “student book” ($6.00 covers the cost of the book and shipping and handling).

Sunday School

Sunday School is offered for children each week during 10:00 AM worship services. Children do not need to be pre-registered to attend.

First Congregational Church of Kensington

United Church of Christ

108 Amesbury Road

 Kensington, NH 03833