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Our mission is to foster a loving Christian community

The mission of Kensington Congregational Church is to foster a loving Christian community. Striving to follow Jesus by serving others, KCC aims to share the message of God’s hope, and blessing of divine peace.

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What We Believe

United in Spirit and inspired by God’s grace, we welcome all, love all, and seek justice for all. We are the United Church of Christ.

  • We believe in loving our neighbors
  • We believe in amazing, transforming grace
  • We believe in living as witnesses to God’s love
  • We believe our hearts can be changed
  • We believe the church provides us with the foundation to become a new creation in God
  • We believe in finding joy in fellowship with one another

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Our History

Our Congregational fellowship began in Kensington in 1737 when we separated from Hampton to form our own parish. Because church and town were one, this was the beginning of the town of Kensington as well.

Our first meeting house was built on the spot where the Universalist Church building now stands but was dismantled and a new meeting house built in 1771where the town hall is today.

By 1846 that building was in such disrepair that it was taken down and the membership of the church declined. But in 1859 the Congregational Church was revived and reorganized, with 18 members, and from then on it thrived. A new building was erected in 1865 at our present site, on land known as the “Church Parade”, where the local militia had drilled in colonial days. As the church grew a new wing was added in the 1950s to make space for a Sunday School program.

Today we are very much a community church, the only active church in Kensington. In 1957 the Congregational Christian Church joined with the Evangelical and Reformed Church to become the United Church of Christ, of which we are a part.

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The Church is located at 108 Amesbury Road (Route 150) in the center of Kensington.

Kensington Congregational Church

Our Minister: Rev. Cheryl Stromski

Our Minister: Rev. Cheryl Stromski


Hello everyone!

I am delighted to introduce myself. My name is Rev. Cheryl Stromski, but most people call me Pastor Sherry. I am currently serving as the settled pastor at the Newfields Congregational Church, part time and have accepted a call to serve Kensington Congregational Church just this past October as well. God is moving in wonderful ways, and it is very exciting.

I received my MDiv (Master of Divinity) from ANTS (Andover Newton Theological School) in 2018. At graduation, I received the coveted Jonathan Edwards Award, given by the faculty in recognition of academic excellence and promising new leadership. In addition to my master’s degree, I also received certificates in Pastoral Care and Interfaith Work. These inform my ministry.

I am passionate that the work of the church extends beyond the four walls and the hour we spend together on Sunday morning. I believe a church should be both rooted and reaching; and I am curious as to who you are and what God is calling you to? I have been inside Kensington Church and have met some of your members; and I am excited about the positive energy and potential I see. I am eager to start learning more about you.

Outside of ministry, I am a pianist. I also work in the fields of Restorative Justice, Reentry and Immigration, and Interfaith Dialogue. I am very health conscious, eating a vegan/vegetarian diet and exercising regularly. I have a very large and wonderful family, six adult children and six grandchildren. As I write this, I am in Texas celebrating my son’s graduation from Air Force Pilot training. Yes, that is the runway behind me.

While the Newfields Church has grown in size, what is more important is that we have grown in the depth of our relationship to one another. We love each other more, and these rich and caring relationships are evident in our community. This is how I believe God works, from the inside out. I am so excited to be with you as we explore together what God’s calling is for the Kensington Community Church, UCC, and how we can serve the community together.

I can be reached by the church phone, 603-772-5821, or church email: KCC1737@yahoo.com.

God bless you all.

Join us every Sunday at 11:30 AM at KCC in person!

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